Zone Trading Technical Analysis

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Zone Trading Technical Analysis

Learn a simplified approach on how to trade in the stock market in a profitable manner. The course is custom designed for all those who are willing to take a step ahead as a part time or a full time trader. Trading as a beginner may seem a bit daunting task but online supply and demand course is basically an approach positioned on price actions.

Who is this course for:

  • This course is designed for students, housewives, day traders, beginner traders, and professionals who want to learn the basics of trading.
  • If you are willing to put your efforts to know and discover trading strategies and trading tips or tactics.


If you are the one trying to establish yourself as a stock market trader or stock market investor then the course will help you discover and learn the trading strategies on how the share market works.

Zone Trading Technical Analysis

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand basics of trading.
  • Able to identify and analyse charts.
  • Understand market traps .
  • Learn gaps theory.
  • Advanced supply and demand topics.
  • Candlestick Explanation And Patterns.
  • Understand trading indicators.
  • Trading on multiple time frames.
  • How to scan stock in live market.

The course Also includes:

  • Live and recorded videos.
  • Access via phone or computer.
  • Meetup on social platforms.