Index Scalping

Nifty / Banknifty

Best way Trading Nifty Banknifty

Learn various tactics and strategies  of index trading scalping banknifty , nifty , stocks  to earn profit from the volume of trades placed instead of focusing on maximum gains for each trade. This stock trading course is an advanced level course for full time traders who want to achieve a higher rate of returns for each stock or share. Index scalping is totally based on price markets, and its movements.

Who is this course for:

  • This course is designed for full time traders, investors, intraday traders, beginners.
  • Those searching to grow their income with high returns.
  • Those trying to make stock trading their part or full time business.


If you are the one trying to make your career in trading then it’s recommended to take an index scalping course. The course allows you to know the benefits of scalping using price action. This course may indeed teach you to be either on the strong buy side or strong sell side according to the share market movement. Take a look on our scalps that will give a clarity about how it works!

Note :- If you have completed Zone trading than it will be additional benefit.

Index Scalping

What you’ll learn:

  • The basics to Advance of scalping.
  • Best time frame for scalping
  • Finding market direction .
  • Selecting stock for scalping.
  • Best time to Scalp.
  • Unique Setup for Scalping.
  • Best way trading Nifty Banknifty.

The course Also includes:

  • Live and recorded videos.
  • Access via phone or computer.
  • Meetup on social platforms.