Options Trading

Options Trading

Options Trading

Options trading in stock market is very popular. Learn to get a detailed know-how of how to trade options professionally. The course is particularly designed for the traders who have full control of their trading strategies, experiences, transactions and decisions. As an option trader, you can buy any instrument such as stock, index, shares, commodities or forex for the option trading in India.

Who is this course for:

  • This course is designed for anyone who want to learn options trading in Stock Market.
  • Those searching to grow their passive income.
  • Those trying to make trading their part time or full time business.
  • With less generate huge money.  
NOTE: It is mandatory to enroll for zone trading if you want to start your career in option management.


If you are the one trying to establish yourself in option trading stock market trader or stock market investor then the course will help you discover and learn the trading strategies on how beautiful the option generates money.

Option Trading

What you’ll learn

  • How to trade options.
  • How options trading works.
  • Benefits of trading options.
  • Risk correlations
  • Intrinsic value / Time Value
  • Breakeven
  • How to trade banknifty

Options Buying vs Options Selling:

  • Importance of Options writing.
  • Risk factor of Options writing
  • Which is best (buying or selling)
  • When to buy when to sell

Volatility Analysis

  • IImplied Volatility- The game changer for options premium

Options Greeks

  • Delta/Theta/Vega/Gamma/Rho
  • Anchor unit and Offset unit Options selection parameters
  • How to choose right strike and expiry

Single leg strategies

  • Long call (debit)/Long put (debit)
  • Short call (credit)/Short put (credit)

Multi leg strategies

  • Bull call spread (debit/ bullish)
  • Bull put spread (credit/bullish)
  • Bear put spread (debit/bearish)
  • Bear call spread (credit/spread)

Non directional strategies

  • Short strangle (credit/non-directional)
  • Iron condor (credit/non-directional)
  • Short straddle (credit/non-directional)
  • Iron butterfly (credit/non-directional)

Other strategies

  • BFF (breakout for free)

The best thing to do when you start trading is to know and realize your investing goals in order to make profitable money. Learn Options Trading in Stock Market.